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Back Injuries:
The Number One
Work-Related Injury

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Carpal Tunnel &
Other Repetitive
Stress Injuries

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Our Injury
Prevention Programs

  • Increase Awareness
  • Reduce Soft Tissue Injuries
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Slips, Trips & Falls
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TIPS will be launching our new and improved website shortly! It will not only have a new look, but it will also feature our new service options, such as the TIPS SPARCSTM program, webinars and workshops. In addition, there will be access for TIPS Qualified Clients that allows special privileges to exclusive information and updates, reports, service options and TIPS training materials. Check back soon for the new TIPS experience!


Client Testimonial

“My doctor told me that the severe pain in my neck and back is from years of doing physical work. I wasn’t sure I could keep going and nothing I tried seemed to help the pain for long. I have been doing the exercises the TIPS representative worked with me on and no longer have the constant pain. I can live my life again.”                          - Transportation Employee


MegaphoneWhat's New?

TIPS is offering a free copy of our Better Balance Challenge. This is a level 1 program (out of 3 levels) which includes 30 days of balance exercises to challenge individuals on their balance. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this, or any of our other challenges, contact us at 763-428-9280 or at Our other challenges include:

  • Backs, Bones and BalanceTM Challenge
  • Weight Management Challenge
  • INSPIRETM Cardio Challenge
  • Positioned for SafetyTM Core Challenge
  • Hit Me With Your Best SquatTM

Better Balance Battle


TIPS is offering a free safety poster on the importance of posture! If you would like a copy of this to hang up at your company site, fill out the Contact Us and include your name, position, company, phone number and email address.

Evolve Poster


Evolve...And Stand Up Tall for Safety!

Look around you, look in the mirror. What do you see? What are you even looking for? When it comes to health and soft tissue injury prevention, we tend to look for the big and obvious problems such as strenuous or heavy lifts, awkward or sustained positions and excessive force or repetition. From a common sense perspective, this is a sensible approach to start addressing the problems, yet we are continuously confronted with a work force and population that feels less than good. But why??? Learn more»


Why have so many of the injury prevention programs
you've tried failed?

  1. Poor employee buy-in: The success of any new program begins and ends with the employees' perception of its worth...and how and why they must participate.
  2. Lack of follow through: Employees respect and respond to consistency and know whether management is truly behind the program.

To make any program successful, you have to implement it, visually support it and remain consistent. This visual support and involvement should be evident at all levels of management. For example, introducing a stretching program one day is not enough. Show your employees that you take safety and their health seriously. Follow through on your promises to improve safety, lead...and lead by example.


Have you ever wondered what the contributing factors to soft tissue injuries are?

Soft tissue injuries can result from obvious factors such as carrying too heavy of a load, slipping or frequently doing repetitive work. But why do we sometimes get injured when we do something as simple as get up from a chair or bend over to pick up a pencil?

Often times there are several underlying contributing factors as to why a soft tissue injury may occur. Let’s take a look at some of these. Learn more»


workers stretching

So, you have a tough workforce do you get them to buy in!

The success of any program is in the hands of the employees...their willingness to participate will make or break your injury prevention program. With any group of individuals, there are and always will be a few difficult participants. TIPS has created a 10 Step Action Program to make dealing with these people much easier and more effective.

Click here to read: The 10 Step Action Plan for Difficult Employees


Why Supervisor Involvement is Critical to Success

Almost 50% of employees feel that involvement of supervisors to the success of their change effort is extremely important. Another 35% feel that it is very important. So why exactly is supervisor involvement critical to success? Learn more»


What are work-related injuries truly costing your company?

The average soft tissue injury for most U.S. Companies is $28,000 … that’s for one single injury.  There are nearly $1 Billion dollars worth of work-related injuries every week in the U.S. Along with those large costs associated to soft tissue injuries, is the time and effort directed towards paperwork, investigations, medical issues and dealing with angry and often absent employees!

As a company you have taken many steps to improve safety; you’ve created rules and regulations, purchased new equipment and redesigned your spaces to increase the safety of your workplace. Why then are you still losing money due to soft-tissue injuries? Learn more»


How to Keep Your Back from Getting Tight While Driving

Do you drive a lot? Does your back ever get tight when sitting for long periods of time in the car? If so, check out our new article with TIPS to help you avoid a tight back while driving. Learn more»


Our Core Injury Prevention Programs

At TIPS we understand that no two injuries, situations or job environments are alike. It is precisely for this reason that we have created different program options to choose from.

Our unique approach begins with an on-site assessment of the specific needs of our clients. Based on this assessment, we can use one or more of our core programs, or tailor a program to your specific requirements. Learn More»



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