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21-Day Hydration Plan

I became addicted to soda (“pop” to us in the North Country) in college to help me with late-night studying. In the military, I became even more hooked on soda. Even though all the studying and physical exertion really [ Read More... ]

5 Reasons to Drink More Water

Did you know the human body is nearly 60 percent water, but that we constantly lose water through breathing, urination, and sweating? That’s why it’s so important to drink water throughout the day. If we lose more than we [ Read More... ]

Sustaining Results

You’ve developed a vision of what success looks like. You’ve come up with a plan to get there, and you’ve even anticipated potential obstacles and how you’ll overcome them. Maybe you’ve even started on your journey toward change—nice work! [ Read More... ]

Overcoming Obstacles

It’s time to get real. I mean really real. Not everyone will be ecstatic about the change you’re hoping to make stick this year. Many of my clients find that the people they most expect to be in their [ Read More... ]

Autopilot habits for change that sticks.

I was recently talking to a friend who had a big goal for 2017: lose 30 pounds. She bought a new cookbook full of healthy recipes, planned out her meals for a week, and filled her grocery cart with [ Read More... ]

Goal-setting for change that sticks

It’s already March—wow does time go fast! Are you still making progress on your New Year’s resolutions? If health club attendance is any indication, many of those resolutions have already fallen by the wayside. In conversations with clients and [ Read More... ]

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