Joe Score, Safety Manager

I would recommend TiPS trainers and programs to anyone looking for ways to reduce workplace injuries. We started working with TiPS five years ago to help reduce soft tissue injuries at our industrial processing facility that employs 160 process operators, maintenance technicians, managers and office workers. A certified athletic trainer visited our plant weekly to provide instruction and coaching for optimizing working postures and to provide a better understanding of muscle groups and connective tissue. Nearly 50% of OSHA recordable workplace injuries were strains, sprains, back or other soft tissue injuries before the education and coaching provided by TiPS trainers. In the last five years since TiPS trainers have been working with our employees, including a daily active stretching routine for higher risk employees, our overall injury rates are down significantly and soft tissue injuries in particular are now below 30% of total work related injuries.

Company: Bunge Council Bluffs, IA