Job Assessment & Coaching

We provide both casual and more structured ergonomic assessments as well as job recommendations and training that can be provided on-the-spot or with scheduled group training.

Job Assessment along with on-the spot coaching are an integral part of how we work with your organization to improve job safety and employee comfort and productivity.  While we are working with your employees in the course of their jobs, we are taking inventory of what the job requires; forces, positions, tools, movements that are repetitive or are challenging in nature.  We are also assessing your employee’s physical challenges, compensations, comfort, and awareness.  Corrective training can take place with your employees, in most cases, while they do their job.  This provides for continued production and also addresses the real needs of your employees.

TIPS can also work with your safety teams to help assess higher risk jobs and create methods for improving performance and reducing risk. Having TIPS partner with your safety team provides for even greater safety solutions, such as JSA/JHA, that incorporates physical preparation for and physical corrections of job risks.

We have many training topics that relate to job and home activities. Trainings can be adapted to fit specific circumstances or can be designed exclusively for your specific needs. TIPS has worked with companies to provide both training materials and training videos to meet their safety needs.


  • Walking
  • Repetitive Motion
  • Desk Ergonomics
  • Hand Tool Use
  • Lifting and Bending
  • Overhead Work
  • Machine Operation
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Shoveling
  • Getting On and Off Equipment
  • Static Positioning
  • Overextension

Derek Hitesman, EHS Manager HP Hood Arkport

In the past year we implemented TIPS SPARCS training program. Managers/Supervisors are leading employees in stretching and employees are doing TIPS related injury prevention exercises before and after work.  In comparing our OSHA recordable from the year before using TIPS, we have decreased our soft tissue injuries by 80%!