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Do you want TIPS training on-demand?  You’re in luck… buy and use when it suits you!

Not in our backyard? Not to worry! Our Remote Training options can bring TIPS expertise to you, anywhere, anytime. With our new streaming and pay-per-view platform we can provide quality training and assessment services for your whole team.

  • Training videos for injury prevention, ergonomic initiatives and well-being topics
  • Conference and safety meeting support
  • Ergonomic and movement assessments
  • Train the Trainer and Leadership Workshops
  • Individual and team job or movement coaching
  • Personalized job coaching videos
  • Freelance content creation: Newsletters, Power Points, Podcasts


PAY-PER-VIEW New Content

Industrial Strength Stretching is exactly what the title implies.  This 25 minute pay-per-view video program incorporates stretching with a strength training component to target core stabilizer function as well as critical support systems for reducing musculoskeletal risk with industrial activities.  Positioning improvements are provided for each movement to promote stretching, strengthening and function where the individual needs it most. This training facilitates correct movement patterns for increased comfort and reduced risk at work and at home.

Look for New Content as we populate our options with the latest and greatest tools to help you help your employees.

We continue to innovate new ways in which you and your team can be supported and successful.  If you have an idea for how we could support you in an even more awesome way, please give me a call – you may be our next inspiration that helps your own company, and many others as well!

Kenny Crib, Director HSE&E Rolls Royce Naval Marine

In the short amount of time we have worked with TIPS, Rolls Royce Naval Marine has reduced our soft tissue injury rate by 93%. The employees benefit from the training presentations, and one-on-one attention that each of them receives.