Remote Service & DVDs

Do you want TIPS training on-demand?  You’re in luck… buy and use when it suits you!

Remote Training: Not in our backyard? Not to worry! Our Remote Training options can bring TIPS expertise to you, anywhere, anytime. If you have purchased Training Products remote coaching is an excellent option to assure your trainers have the confidence to deliver high quality training to your employees. We also work remotely with Managers and Supervisors needing help with continued development of your injury prevention training programs.

Training Topics: Give your safety team a boost! Our Training Products are an excellent way to add variety and improved results to any prevention program.  If you’re on a shoe string budget, this training may just be the answer to your musculoskeletal prayers.

DVD’s: Our training DVD’s include a training handout that can be copied for employees. DVD’s include prompts for the trainer to stop the video and go through the training exercise and technique.

  • Smart TIPS for Healthy Low Backs
  • How To Use Your Body Without Using It Up
  • Beyond Legs: Lifting Done Right
  • TIPS Active Stretching
  • Smart TIPS for Healthy Knees
  • Smart TIPS for Healthy Shoulders

DVD’s:  In addition to providing the DVD’s listed above under Products, we have worked with many clients to create industry specific training videos that may include body mechanics, best practice and specific exercises or tips to keep employees healthy and safe with specific jobs.  Video creation is priced on a per project basis.  Contact Maria to discuss your interests.

TIPS Qualified Clients:  If you are already a TIPS Qualified Client, enter your pass code to get more options with Remote Training, Training Product and DVD’s as well as other goodies to help your safety stars really shine!

We continue to innovate new ways in which you and your team can be supported and successful.  If you have an idea for how we could support you in an even more awesome way, please give me a call – you may be our next inspiration that helps your own company, and many others as well!

Kenny Crib, Director HSE&E Rolls Royce Naval Marine

In the short amount of time we have worked with TIPS, Rolls Royce Naval Marine has reduced our soft tissue injury rate by 93%. The employees benefit from the training presentations, and one-on-one attention that each of them receives.