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Our Strategic Participation and Results Core Solutions™ 3-Step Package (SPARCS™) is a behavioral based injury reduction and prevention program that provides you with everything you need to assure each member of your team knows their role in driving down injuries. They will learn how to do it simply and with confidence while understanding the personal value to them.  The SPARCS™ program revolves around developing the habits and patterns that reduce physical risk with every activity in every environment.  The training provides clear value to every level of your organization, and the tools, personalized planning and on-going support make both achieving the change and maintaining the change, easier on your hard working team.

Each step of the SPARCS™ program progressively builds the results and stability of your new prevention program.  The end result is a solid and sustainable reduction in the risk factors that lead to soft tissue injuries.

Step 1: 

Positioning and Movement Enhancement

  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Improve Body Mechanics
  • Increase Movement
  • Establish New Habits
  • And More…

Step 2:


  • Improve Support, Control and Responsiveness
  • Reduce Joint Stress and Vulnerability
  • Develop Functional Ability and Muscle Sequencing
  • And More…

Step 3:

Work Movement Re-Patterning

  • Train Out Damaging Movement Patterns
  • Increase Movement Efficiency
  • Sustainability Training for On-going Injury Reduction
  • And More…

Derek Hitesman, EHS Manager

In the past year we implemented TIPS SPARCS training program. Managers/Supervisors are leading employees in stretching and employees are doing TIPS related injury prevention exercises before and after work. In comparing our OSHA recordable from the year before using TIPS, we have decreased our soft tissue injuries by 80%!

Company: HP-Hood – Arkport