Star Trainer™ Workshops

TIPS can also work with your safety teams to help assess higher risk jobs and create methods for improving performance and reducing risk. Having TIPS partner with your safety team provides for even greater safety solutions, such as JSA/JHA, that incorporates physical preparation for and physical corrections of job risks.

We have many training topics that relate to job and home activities. Trainings can be adapted to fit specific circumstances or can be designed exclusively for your specific needs. TIPS has worked with companies to provide both training materials and training videos to meet their safety needs.

STAR TRAINER 1:  TIPS Active Stretching and 3-Point Positioning and Movement System 2 day workshop

STAR TRAINER 2:  Core Stabilization 1 day workshop

STAR TRAINER 3:  Work-Movement Re-patterning 1 day workshop

STAR TRAINER 4:  Work-Movement Assessment and Correction for safety professionals 1 day workshop

Do you have a lot of people or locations and want several trainers?  Would you like your training to be at your facility along with training specific to your environment and team?  Ask about our volume discount and on-site options.

Kenny Crib, Director HSE&E Rolls Royce Naval Marine

In the short amount of time we have worked with TIPS, Rolls Royce Naval Marine has reduced our soft tissue injury rate by 93%. The employees benefit from the training presentations, and one-on-one attention that each of them receives.