Train the Trainer Workshops

Our Train the Trainer courses provide a smart, simple, sellable approach to risk reduction for soft tissue injury prevention. You get more than just great training material and a solid understanding of the problems and solutions. All our workshops are designed with our Safety that Sells™ approach so that you know what to sell AND how to sell it to your employees to get the results you want. Whether the topic is correct lifting, preventing shoulder injuries or a full stretch and strength program, true prevention begins with your team taking ownership of their health and safety!

Improving your soft tissue injury risk is all about selling

When it comes to soft tissue injuries, do you know what to sell?

Does your safety team know how to sell?

Ask about our SPARCS™ package for a set of three fundamental trainings that will revolutionize your workforce!

Upcoming Workshops

Check our calendar for upcoming workshops or call us to schedule a workshop for your group.  All our workshops can be personalized to include your specific job demands and can be done on-site to incorporate use of your environment and equipment. We have hundreds of training topics, all waiting to be personalized for your needs.

Mike Mead, Cass County Electric Cooperative Manager of Safety

Thank you for the training you provided. The crews really enjoyed your training and the office employees have already asked me if I’m bringing you back up for them. The front receptionists also liked your approach and wanted to make sure I bring you back.  The individual training is priceless. The only negative comments we received from both groups is why didn’t we start this training sooner.